Saturday, March 2, 2013

How to Pick the Correct Mask

Choosing the right mask is easy. As with most pieces of equipment getting the correct fit is vitally important. A mask that does not fit properly will leak and be uncomfortable, both of these are a constant distraction will diving.

To determine whether a mask will fit or not divers take the following steps.

1. Remove the strap or place it in front of the lens, so it is out of the way.

2. Place the mask lightly against the face while looking up. Make sure the shirt is not tucked under and that the mask is sitting flush to your face.

3. Inhale slightly through your nose. The mask at this point will feel like it is sucking against your face.

4. While inhaling, lightly tuck on the mask and look down. If the mask fits properly, it will remain on you face. If it is loose or falls, then it does not fit your face.

5. Make sure the mask you choose feels comfortable to you. And for all the female divers, it is all about the colors. I know, you need a mask that says something about you, and the color does just that.

Now you need to compare other features. Does the mask have one large lens, or 2 smaller ones? Does it have side lens ? How are the straps, are they easy to use ?

Are you a diver that has glasses. Then you need to get a mask that has 2 lens so that you can buy presciption lens to replace them. Seeing underwater is a good thing.

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