Sunday, March 3, 2013

Divers Alert Network (DAN)

If you are an active diver, you need what I am going to bring up next. Divers Alert Network (DAN) is an organization that offers dive insurance, and a multitude of training classes. It is not associated with any one dive organization, but to diving in general. At the present time there are at least 14 different classes offered. I am going to touch on a few of them here. If you ever have a chance to get to Durham, NC, stop in, they will give you a tour. In fact, they can also arrange for you to see the Chambers at Duke University Hospital.

Oxygen First Aid for Scuba Diving Injuries
As a recreational diver, you can receive training to provide vital first aid that can make a difference to a scuba diver with decompression illness. The DAN Oxygen Provider Course provides entry-level training in the recognition and management of possible diving-related injuries using emergency oxygen first aid.

Advanced Oxygen First Aid for Scuba Diving Injuries
This advanced-level program is designed to train existing DAN Oxygen Providers to use the MTV-100 or a Bag Valve Mask while providing care for a non-breathing injured diver.

First Aid for Hazardous Marine Life Injuries
Serious hazardous marine life injuries are rare, but most divers experience minor discomfort from unintentional encounters with fire coral, jellyfish and other marine creatures. This course teaches divers to minimize these injuries and reduce diver discomfort and pain.

On-site Neurological Assessment for Divers
Learn how to conduct a neurological assessment on a potentially injured diver in this course. The information gained in this assessment can help convince a diver of the need for oxygen first aid, and help a dive physician determine the proper treatment.

Diving Emergency Management Provider Program
Learn the knowledge and skills from several courses into one single approach to dive emergency management.

Diving Emergency Specialist (DES)
Learn about DAN’s new recognition program for divers who are interested in dive safety.

Diving Medical Technician
Take the next step in diving education. Become a DMT and learn about providing care for divers involved in dive accidents.

Click on this picture above to be taken directly to the Duke University Hyperbaric Chambers and Medicine Department. There is also a link to see the complete layout of the 7 chambers. Check out the photo album on the site for more pictures - (past and present).

Layout of Hyperbaric Chambers Check this out, you will be amazed.

Click on these two pictures to see an enlarged view of the control panels. Click on the above small pictures to go to DAN Specialty Courses.
There is more to DAN then I can cover here in this short time. You need to go to the web site and check it out. Divers Alert Network

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